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FRIENDS ONLY!!! [24 Jan 2005|02:48pm]
[ mood | flirty ]





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hello?! CHRIS?! [23 Jan 2005|09:54pm]
[ mood | ecstatic ]


absolutely amazing game. nothing more to say. i absolutely love my patriots. i heart them more than life. and i heart blizzards. especially ones that cancel school even though its only sunday! haha we had like 6 ft drifts in our backyard against the fence, and then no snow along the house because it all blew away. so i was starnded in the house with my mother all day. that drove me partially insane, but oh well. and my pats party was cancelled, but thats ok because i didnt have to clean lol.and no school tomorrow! dont know what im doing, but its not sitting in the house all day. maybe i should do some homework tonight. hmmm

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[22 Jan 2005|11:07pm]
snowstorms = LOVE

i heart being starnded in my house because there is no way in hell that im gonna go out in 20 inches of snow! today i went to amandas and skated on her rink with Jo and Mary. i tried to teach Amanda how to jump, but it wasnt extremely successful. not too bad though. patriots party tomorrow i hope! woohoo heart snow.
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"nooo, lemon CHEESECAKE!" [17 Jan 2005|10:54am]
[ mood | giddy ]

i havent updated in a wicked long time. the one time i felt like updating, stupid livejournal was done. grr. this week was pretty stressful, from the research paper, to my mom being a pain about everything that goes on in my life. friday amanda came over and we watched thursday night's OC since we missed it due to unreasonable amounts of homework. i cant wait until next week, its gonna be such a good episode! saturday i went to frog pond with amanda, katherine, jo and daniella. that was tons of fun. christina met us there around 3. we skated until 4 and everyone was pretty much numb. i couldnt feel my toes, fingers or my butt haha. you would think id be used to the cold since im in a rink 3 times a week. guess not. after frog pond we went to the cheesecake factory! how could you not have fun there? i ended up ordering lemonade, lemon-herb roasted chicken and lemon raspberry cheesecake, which i didnt realize all had lemon in them until the waiter was kinda making fun of me haha. we left around 7:30 and drove daniella home and such, then me amanda christina and jo went back to amandas. twas fun. we ate our cheesecake that we had ordered to go and then jenn came home and the house exploded. haha everything became funnier and of course, jenn was making the constant joke. then she taught jo the no school dance! we went to my house around 10:30 and watched the fresh prince of bell air and something else. they left after 11 and i went to bed :o)

yesterday i did absolutely nothing. i was gonna go to the kearney residence, but as soon as we pulled out of the driveway my mom said she didnt ant me to go because of the snow. grr she makes me so mad! anyways, i watched the pats game for the night. im so proud of my patriots! Make Vacation Plans manning. im so excited. so far christinas prediction is coming true. today i have tons of homework to do, and im gonna go return some clothes i got for christmas. i <3 three day weekends.

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[05 Jan 2005|09:20pm]
[ mood | contemplative ]

Dreams = ick. I will never have a dream again. Scratch that. I hate nauseating nightmares. Happy dreams are ok, but nauseating nightmares are the worst. And guys, brush your teeth. A lot. Breathmints are a plus.

I enjoyed alumni night. Never thought I would ever say that, but I truly did enjoy it. We just kinda talked amongest ourselves for like an hour and covered every subject on the face of this earth. From the teeange man thing, to babies and the colleges. It was an quite enjoyable night.

Possible snowday tomorrow! I'm not getting my hopes up, but I see a snowday in the near future. It's time to whip out my Campaign for Snow once again. Just hope for massive amounts of snow and you will only reap the benefits! Yes, that was what I accomplished instead of my history paper.

Nothing else new. Frog Pondage Saturday! Woohoo I'm very excited. I haven't had a day in Boston since before Christmas. I think I'm way overdue. That reminds me of my library books from my history paper...two months isn't so bad I guess.

Off to do homework.

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[04 Jan 2005|09:35pm]
[ mood | silly ]

Bio blows. We have two labs and a test to take and the stupid site is down. I'm still blaming it on Blanche. She cursed the subject forever.

Frog Pondage on Saturday. Its gonna be loads of fun. I'm gonna skate circles around Daniella! Woohoo. Possible Cheesecakage after. Sounds like a hooplah of fun.

If you haven't guessed, no Maine this weekend. I'm loving it. Skating kickoff party for the show Saturday before Frog Pond. Woop can't wait.

Alumni Night tomorrow at the school. I dont wanna go and my mom wont take me shopping for a new outfit. And I'm paying for it! Thats the silliest thing I've ever heard.

Everybody make Daniella cookies with raisins in them. She just ADORES them. haha

Blah blah blah I have nothing else to say.

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WOULD YOU LIKE ANOTHER GLASS OF WINE?!?! [26 Dec 2004|12:35pm]
[ mood | silly ]

Merry Belated Christmas everyone! I hope everybody had a wonderful day. I sure doesnt feel like christmas has already come and gone, but it sure has been tons of fun. Whos got a George Forman Grill? Huh huh? Oh yeah haha. My parental units were quite good to me this year as was my entire family. Love them all. I think I have more pajamas than I know what to do with now, but isnt that every girl's dream? Speaking of dreams, American Dreams Season One children. Gotta love it. Season one continued for the OC.! ahhh loving the christmas spirit. Mulan on DVD brings back memories of super procrastination on the history paper!

Christmas was wonderful. My family was actually on time while nobody at my house was ready. Quite a fiasco. Then tons of presents, plus a semi-drunk dad made for an entertaining night. Amanda and Christina came by later on and we watched American Dreams. I tried on clothes, went to bed and here I am, about to get ready for the day after christmas tradition. I heart Christmas. And its SNOWING! Woo boy what a weekend!

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[24 Dec 2004|11:50am]
[ mood | giddy ]


I hope everybody has a great christmas! And believe it or not, I think I'm done with all of the wrapping, that is until my dad comes home with more presents for my mom. I'm so excited! Merry Christmas everyone!

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[16 Dec 2004|06:32am]
[ mood | jubilant ]

on the twelfth day of chrismukkah my true love gave to me..
*twelve beemers beeping
*eleven hissy fits
*ten trophy wives
*nine yoga-lattes
*eight gardners gardening
*seven couples cheating
*six cheeks a slapping
*five yama-claus!
*four broken hearts
*three broken homes
*two smashed walls
*and a boy toy from [the OC*]

woohoo I cant wait for tonight's episode. Today was gonna be the last day befroe vacation but noooo we hafta go Friday. Not that we're gonna do anything anyways. Off to school..ta ta

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"You could have burned the house down!" [13 Dec 2004|01:55pm]
[ mood | cranky ]

Woohoo I'm in school haha. I am so not productive in this bio class. Yesterday i went drving con mi madre and that was an interesting experience. We went to toy r us and got like the last talking dora house! Haha it was for my little cousin. I came home and did homework, but my mom kept making me do stuff for her. Then, if I didnt go from helper to homework in like .2 seconds she started yelling at me. Oh what a day. So then I went to youth group with Ev and stood on a ladder for like half an hour putting up christmas lights. When I got home, I got my straightenertaken away because I left it on. Yes, my parents want me to survive for 2 weeks without a straightener, which is beyond crazy. Mind you that was the first time in 3 years I forgot to unplug it and they were both home. So I got my mom to change it to one week, because 2 weeks included christmas and I would have stolen it back by then. She wanted to know if I was happy with one wekk and I told her that she better get used to the smell of hairspray because it is all she'll be smelling for a week. Haha the joy of comebacks. Oh what a night...

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[11 Dec 2004|01:22pm]
[ mood | crazy ]


I have an idea...lets have a partaayy!!! LOL Work today from 5-9, so no Boston for me :o( I felt bad cancelling on my boss when I found out that his grandmother died. Last night Amanda and Jenn came over and we baked cookies. They were very yummy and we cut out shapes like pigs and such. Much fun. Then they saw my new computer and we re-ignited the FFF, only we didnt have Christina here. Maybe another one over vacation haha. Oh and I slept until noon today. That is so unheard of for me...

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One time...at fish camp... [08 Dec 2004|10:30am]
[ mood | cheerful ]

Wow I havent updated in like forever. Last week was not of much interest, except our puddle excapade. Friday night me and Amanda went to the Burlington Mall and went christmas shopping and what not. We went to au bon pan for dinner and it was realy good. The guys that made the sandwiches and stuff were wicked funny. Saturday Ricky came and set up our new computer! I'm so glad he did it because me and my mom would have been so lost. So then Ev came over that night and we baked cookies. They were very good if I do say so myself. We watched christmas movies from the 25 days of christmas. Sunday I went driving and did a bunch of homework. I made churros for spanish, and they came out really good, but churros arent very good the next day. Monday we had the spanish lunch thingy and I am never eating like authentic Guatamalan food ever again. ick. Amanda drove me home and I got ready to go into Boston for the Elie Wiesel lecture thing.

Me, Amanda and Katherine had the cutest outfits on and Amanda and Katherine got made fun of for their ho boots and me for my skirt. Amanda got shunned by some lady in the train station due to her outfit, but it was all in fun anyways. We got to Fire and Ice, but Raia was late, so we talked about all of the Pope John scandals. I learned a lot lol. We finally sat down without him, but he got there like as soon as we sat down. Dinner was wicked good. The chef guy flung a piece of chicken or shrimp at Rosie and then got in trouble for it. I felt so bad because he was so nice. Mary talked about fish camp and I actually said something hilarious. "One time...at fish camp...I found a swordfish..." It may be one of those things that you had to be there for, but it was hilarious none the less. Then we got some really good hot chocolate and walked through Boston in the snow. I was in the best mood because snow, Boston and christmas make me really happy lol.

We got to Harvard and were waiting outside the Memorial Chruch for the lecture only to discover someone doesnt know what shaded are. This guy was in his window wearing next to nothing, getting dressed and what not. It was quite an enjoyable spectacle. Anyways...

The lecture was ok. I was hoping that he would talk about his own experience and not answer questions. And even if people were going to ask questions you would think that they would ask him about his experiences, but no. It was all about is opinion on Sudan and that stuff, which I didnt find to interesting. Harvard is gorgeous, especially in the snow, so of anything, I really enjoyed getting to see part of the campus. We left around 8:30 and took the train home. I got home around 10 and welcome my 4 hours of homework. I got that done around 2 then went to bed around 2:30ish. I woke up at 6 instead of 5:30 and went to school as tired as ever. School was alright, then I had driver's ed after school. Me and Rachel turned every song we thought of into one about sleep. It was quite amusing.

I went back to the school at 6 for the open house. My first group was like ideal. They asked normal questions and they were personable. The second group, the mother was really nice, two of the girls were really nice, but one was your typical I'm better than everyone and lets let everyone know it type. But it was fine anyways. I kept making pit stops in the cafeteria for food. Then I got locked out of Raia's room where my stuff was. Me and Jo did a lap around the 4th floor because we heard "the laugh", only to find that we could have gone through the campus ministry office to get to the yearbook room, where Raia was. I went home, watched Laguna Beach, cried because I realized that would be us in like a year and a half. Scary.

No school today! Off to Cambrideside Galleria with Amanda, Katherine, pearline, her sister and possibly Jo. Toodles.

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[01 Dec 2004|04:44pm]
[ mood | silly ]

february vacation is love
brought to you by the isLove Generator

Great time today guys. They say that february vacation is love, but I think that puddles and soaking wet jeans are love lol. WE. ARE GOING. TO. THE MUSEUM. OF SCIENCE! THIS. IS NOT FUNNY. haha gotta love it
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and the stress builds... [28 Nov 2004|03:37pm]
[ mood | cold ]

IMPORTANT: I highly recommend that everyone pray for a massive snowstorm tonight. Its gonna rain anyways, so maybe if we can make the temperature go down from the current 52 degrees to like 25 degrees a massive snowstorm would be made possible. Whats in it for you? Of course a glorious day off from school, therefore postponing any and all homework that you have due on that date. Now thats not too much to ask for now is it? You hope for snow, you get the day off from school. I think that we are about due for a snowday. Its not to much to ask, just pray for snow. This is my campaign for snow, please comment if you would like to join! haha

I have no idea what possesed me to do that, but I sure had fun doing it. Maybe the fact that I have much to do on my history paper and will be up until all hours of the night. Oh well, bring on the coffee...!

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So happy to be home... [27 Nov 2004|11:10pm]
[ mood | relieved ]

I haven't updated in forever and a day. Thanksgiving was good. My aunt drove me absolutely INSANE the whole time she was there. She gave me no privacy what-so-ever. She kept wandering into my room, standing there, not doing anything, plopping herself on my couch and then leaning over me while I did my homework. My grandparents were actually very helpful and I enjoyed having them around. After dessert and what not on Thanksgiving I went into my room to change only to find my mother watching tv and trying to escape her in-laws. haha it was priceless since I wouldn't let her watch Gone with the Wind and made her go back in the lving room and watch the Grinch with everyone else. I'm such a nice daughter. Yeah she was back 5 minutes later to escpae again. It was quite amusing. They all left Friday and I went up to the mountain and went to the Widowmaker Bar thingy with my parents for the first drink of the season! Haha hot chocolate in my case :*o( The we went to the Bag! woohoo I love it there. Today was some family Thanksgiving party thing and I swear if someone mentioned my homework one more time I was gonna shoot someone in the head. So me and Jill mentioned procrastination and my aunt pipes up with "Just like that 15 page paper that you have been procrastinating on Steph." Yeah so I yelled a bit. Told her to never mention my homework again and that it was driving me crazy. The my mom told her to shut it and it was all good. And my mom told me I had every right to get mad :o) Waayyy tired so I'm going to bed.

Oh wait, did I hear something?
Yeah it must be my hideous paper calling my name.
I'm not answering woohoo!

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genetics rocks my socks [16 Nov 2004|07:00pm]
[ mood | rushed ]

I havent updated in a wicked long time. Thursday morning, me and my mom went to Florida to go visit my uncle. We flew into Ft. Lauderdale around 11:30 and rented a car. The guy wanted to give my mom a mini van, but i begged and pleaded and got ourselves a white Mustang convertible :o) We went out for lunch to meet a friend of my grandfather's who was his navigator when my grandfather was a pilot in WWII and ended up in the same prison camp as him. It was pretty cool and I got a wicked good salad. Then, we drove around Ft. Lauderdale and drove down to Palm Beach where we were staying. I was in love with the hotel and it had the most comfy bed that I had ever slept in. It was on the top floor and had a balcony and overlooked the beach and everything.

Friday I got up, ate breakfast and went down to the beach. I rented 2 lounge chairs and an umbrella for the day and just sat there in the sun all day. I called Amanda only to find that it was snowing at home!!! I was kinda sad that I missed the first snow of the season, but I got over it lol. We got lunch on the beach, watched a wedding on the beach and then went in around 2:30. I showered and got ready then went to have dinner with my uncle and his wife. He took me and my mom to the Olive Garden :o) and I was wicked happy. We ate and then went home and I watched tons of tv lol. Saturday I sat by the pool all morning and only went in once. We went in and got ready, packed up and checked out. Then we went out to lunch with my uncle and went on this safari thingy where the animals roamed freely. It was pretty cool. After that, we drove down to Ft. Lauderdale and got our hotel and ate.

Sunday we caught at 7:30! flight home. We got home around 10:30 and my dad picked us up at Logan. We went to the Hammersmith for breakfast and then I came home and did "homework" lol. Amanda and Christina came by and I gave Christina her birthday present! I havent seen her in so long and Im going to Maine for Thanksgiving :*o( I did homework for the rest of the night and watched American Dreams. I knew he was alive, but that creepy dude scared me.

Monday was blah. It was about 95 degrees in Mrs. Boniface's room and we left and she forgot about our test which was good. Then bio and pre cal. Im actually starting to enjoy spanish now. History we took notes galore and religion was religion lol. English I dont really remember since I wasnt paying much attention lol. Today I stayed home from school. I didnt sleep much last night because I felt sick, this morning I was icky and then I almost passed out in the shower. I went back to bed and slept until 11. Then i went online and talked to Christina! and did what some may call homework aka watched tv. Then I started my homework and here I am now, "writing" my genetics essay lol. The next few days are gonna be wicked busy because I have my history paper. Friday is a fieldtrip to Salem. Oh joy. Then Im staying home this weekend :o)

Only 9 more days until Thanksgiving :o)

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[10 Nov 2004|08:16pm]

Cancer is so limited:

It cannot cripple love
It cannot shatter hope
It cannot corrode faith
It cannot destroy peace
It cannot kill friendships
It cannot suppress memories
It cannot silence courage
It cannot invade the soul
It cannot steal eternal life
It cannot conquer the spirit


Add this to your journal
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will you bake us a cake? [10 Nov 2004|08:13pm]
[ mood | excited ]



...be home sunday

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woohoo [08 Nov 2004|09:43pm]
[ mood | ecstatic ]


Me: Hey mom, its snowing!
My mom: What...?
Me: I said its snowing!
My mom: But we aren't in Maine...

haha who said that you have to be in maine for it to snow. New England people, anything is possible.

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how could I forget [07 Nov 2004|05:25pm]

and since I couldnt update yesterday due to my lack of cpmputer connections up in Maine...


awww I miss you. And if you come home next weekend I'm not gonna be here :o( I'll buy you something pretty in Florida though lol

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